24 Hours in Venice

 Hey guys, I'm taking a different approach today and I thought I'd share with you a place that I hope to visit at some point in the future. I love experiencing new places and different cultures, it is only recently that I have had my eyes opened to the amazement of a different country. As I have mentioned in my previous post, the last time I left the UK before this holiday was when I was 5. Now I have the excitement of wanting to experience the world, not just the UK. I thought I would tell you all about how I would spend 24 hours in a city that I have always wanted to travel to, Venice.

I would travel to Venice with my fiance and would want to see Venice with him by  my side. First off we would begin with an early start and a trip to Doge's Palace in Saint Marks Square. Doge's Palace, also known as Palazzo Ducale, holds the worlds greatest renaissance paintings. I would absolutely love to go to Doge's Palace and experience the culture of the city and what it was like at the time of the Renaissance.

We would then take a trip around on a Gondola, because it has got to be done especially if you are a couple, you've got to travel by Gondola. Obviously if I took a trip to Venice it wouldn't be complete without taking the scenic route around and travel by gondola.  I would be in awe at the beauty of the waterways around Venice it would be one of those moments not to forget and from pictures it can't be a sight to miss!

After a trip around the waterways of Venice we would take to the shops around the town itself and in particular the shops renowned for the local glass-work and the masquerade props. Following this we would then take a visit to a waterside bar and have some food and a drink looking over the waters of Venice in the evening. 

So there you have how I would spend 24 hours in Venice with my Fiance. How would you spend 24 hours in your favourite city? Comment below! I hope you enjoyed this!

Peace out!

All images taken from google, not my own.

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